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 The Charlotte Mason Beginner Track 


Are You a CM Beginner?

Are you beginning your Charlotte Mason journey? Have you been learning over the past couple of years but still feeling a little overwhelmed? Are you struggling with the methods and trying to see how to practically apply these ideas with your students? If so…

We invite you to join the Charlotte Mason Institute’s new conference track designed specifically for you.  We will provide a tailored conference experience for a limited number of individuals.  Together we will cover a foundation of Mason’s principles, her Christian vision of education, and her tools for learning through “atmosphere, discipline and life”.  This small group will encourage community with others who are at the same stage while also providing interaction and guidance with experienced Charlotte Mason educators, LeAnn Burkholder, Kelli Christenberry and Amy Snell.

Uniquely designed workshops include the practical aspects that those new to CM always want to know; things like habit formation, creating a schedule, and the Mason lesson plan.  As a registered CMI Beginner Track member, you attend sessions together where you can narrate what you are learning, ask questions and get feedback. You also have the opportunity to continue with your group and join the 2017-2018 Beginner Cohort giving you more community, training and support over the coming year.  We meet for a summer Conference Debriefing Webinar.  Then, once a term (fall, winter, spring), we hold topic-specific webinars with small group discussion breakouts included.  All learning materials are provided for these exclusive continuing sessions.  

Limited spaces are available.  An additional REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED!  Complete your regular registration first, then return and register for the CM Beginner Track.  Cost is $25 to save your space for the CM Beginner Track. A promotional fee of $25 for the 2018-2019 CM Beginner Cohort is payable any time during the conference.

 Enjoy the comfort of getting to know others who are new to Charlotte Mason's educational ideas.  

On the conference schedule workshops, chats and other opportunities for the CM Beginner Track are indicated in coral

Man Seated Near Stove-1941

An Introduction to a Charlotte Mason Education 

(Open to all)

Is Charlotte Mason Education new to you? Are you a dad who just needs a little background for this education thing? Have you used a few ideas here and there but want to learn and implement more Mason principles and methods?  Are you wondering…how do I know if I am doing it right?  What is a living book? What is Narration? Nature Study…really? What does that even mean? Is this an approach for younger children only?  What are Forms anyway and what about high school and being ready for college? It is easy to get lost in the different terminology and there are many opinions in the education world that pull us in different directions. We will discuss these questions and introduce some terms and ideas to give you a foundation as you learn more about A Charlotte Mason Education.

Deep Are The Roots-1945

The Basis of Our Days - An Atmosphere, A Discipline, A Life 

(CM Beginner Track Only)

What we believe about life, our philosophy of life, determines our actions and values; what we believe about education, our philosophy of education, determines our approach in schooling our children. What we do and how we accomplish education with our children must be traced backward to why it matters. It’s based on principles and practices; we have a definite aim. How does this impact our practices in our schools and homes? How do we evaluate what we are doing and how we are doing it with the practical everyday stuff of lessons and life? As we consider The Basis of our Days, it will help us understand more about how to implement Education as an Atmosphere of respect, a Discipline of habits of the heart and mind, and a Life of relational ideas resting upon Truth.

Marian Anderson II -1941

The Purpose of Our Days - Fostering Thoughts Towards God 

(CM Beginner Track Only)

Mason tells us that The Knowledge of God is the foundational knowledge for all our learning.  Let’s discuss Bible and religious training through a Charlotte Mason educational lens. Seeing the path Charlotte Mason schools followed gives us an example for our learning practices today. How does an integrated Christian education look in today’s CM schools and homes? We will consider together if the important issue of Worldview should be relegated to a high school course and where and how it might fit into our educational scheme. What are the implications for the younger year studies as well as for the older students' studies? We will discuss Mason’s writings that encourage us, as parents and teachers, to be the ‘Inspirers’ she suggests. We will talk about how to foster, watch-over and see the implications of the practices that impact “the character and conduct of life” and give purpose to our days.

The Barracks-1945

The Rhythm of Our Days 

(CM Beginner Track Only)

In this workshop, we’ll share the big picture perspective of a Charlotte Mason education and how it fits into—and even integrates--normal days, filled with love, laundry, beauty, illness, babies and a broken dishwasher. We will also share our thoughts on how to schedule those days and how to manage school practically day in and day out.  Let’s talk about how to aim for the ideal and accomplish real things in the rhythm of our days.

Portrait of Christian Brinton-1940

LeAnn Burkholder

Form 1 Workshop

LeAnn will demonstrate a morning of Form 1 lessons using Mason’s methods.  Subject areas that may  be presented include Bible, folksong, reading, writing, history, poetry, natural history, literature, and paper sloyd – all subjects that LeAnn  has years of experience teaching. Attendees assume the role of the student, experiencing a feast of ideas and different forms of narration. This workshop is an opportunity to experience a relational education and gain a deeper understanding of the CM method.

The Trial of John Brown-1942

Thursday Evening Informal Chat

Our Stories

Be inspired on your own journey through the stories of Mason educators as they join to share how they discovered Charlotte Mason and why they are still using her principles in their lives, homes and schools today. This panel, hosted by Dr. Carroll Smith, includes a number of experienced Mason educators including Nicolle Hutchinson from Gillingham Charter School, LeAnn Burkholder, Kerri Forney and daughter, Kathryn Forney and more.


            LeAnn Burkholder

        Kelli Christenberry

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