Sample Program

Note: This page contains samples to help prospective families better understand our approach. The programs may not line up exactly with the lesson plans and exams, which are also provided as samples. As a non-member, you will be able to see some  pages but not all of them.

How to Use Lesson Plans

First, we want them to be a tool for you. Slavish adherence is not required or even expected. If you don't have time to do everything listed or if you think of something else you would like to do to go along with the reading, then feel free to change things up. We provide lesson plans to help keep you on track for the term, to give heavy support and gentle accountability for including all of the subjects, and to help bring richness and variety to the lessons and, hopefully, to your family discussions.

We recommend looking over the week's plans on Saturday or Sunday and doing any prep work or material-gathering to help make your days run smoother. We also provided several tutorials on how to set up master schedules and import the plans exactly where you need them. You can find those in the Knowledge Base.

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