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 Conference Registration Discount 

Before You Begin...

CMI is offering five discounts of 75% off the early bird individual registration fee of $199.95 for those in need.  Additionally, CMI is also offering five discounts of 75% off the early bird spouse registration fee of $159.95 for those in need. If you or your spouse are interested in a registration discount, you must submit an application no later than May 1, 2018. CMI will review only those completed applications for a registration discount received electronically by February 1, and will notify applicants by May 21, 2018 (remember that early bird registration closes on June 1, 2018). If you choose to register prior to learning whether or not you have a discount, CMI will refund 75% of the registration fee (less the non-refundable Paypal fees).  Note: this registration discount is for registration fee only and does not apply towards meals and lodging. 

Applications for a discount will be reviewed for the following purposes:
• How the applicant supports a Charlotte Mason education;
• How the applicant aligns with the goals and purposes of the Institute;
• The applicant’s purposes for applying for the discount;
• How the applicant will put forth Mason’s educational ideas in the future in the classroom or home environment; and
• How the applicant has local support by school administrators and co-op leaders.

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