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 Conference Overview 

 Horace Pippin 

Horace Pippin  (February 22, 1888 – July 6, 1946) was a self-taught African-American folk art painter. The injustice of slavery and American segregation appear prominently in many of his works.

A Pennsylvania State historical marker was placed at 327 Gay St., West Chester, Pennsylvania to commemorate his accomplishments and mark the home where he lived at the time of his death.  He was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Goshen, New York. There he attended segregated schools until he was 15, when he went to work to support his ailing mother.  As a boy, Horace responded to an art supply company's advertising contest and won his first set of crayons and a box of watercolors. As a youngster, Pippin made drawings of racehorses and jockeys from Goshen's celebrated racetrack. Prior to 1917, Pippin variously toiled in a coal yard, in an iron foundry, as a hotel porter and as a used-clothing peddler.  He was a member of St. John’s African Union Methodist Protestant Church.

Pippin served in the 369th infantry, the famous Harlem Hellfighters, in Europe during World War I, where he lost the use of his right arm after being shot by a sniper. While in the trenches, Pippin kept an illustrated journal which gave an account of his military service.

Pippin initially took up art in the 1920s to strengthen his wounded right arm. His activity as a painter began in earnest around 1930, when he completed his first oil painting, The End of the War: Starting Home. By the late 1930s, critic Christian Brinton, artists N.C. Wyeth and John McCoy, collector Albert C. Barnes, dealer Robert Carlen and curators Dorothy Miller and Holger Cahill championed Pippin's distinctive paintings which captured his childhood memories and war experiences, scenes of everyday life, landscapes, portraits, biblical subjects, and American historical events. Pippin enrolled in art classes at the Barnes Foundation during autumn 1939 and spring 1940 semesters.

One of his best-known paintings, his Self-portrait of 1941, shows him seated in front of an easel, cradling his brush in his right hand (he used his left arm to guide his injured right arm when painting). 

Among Pippin's work there are many genre paintings, such as the Domino Players (1943), in the Phillips Collection, Washington D.C., and several versions of Cabin in the Cotton. In 1947 critic Alain Locke described him as "a real and rare genius, combining folk quality with artistic maturity so uniquely as almost to defy classification."

We hope you enjoy the folk artwork of Horace Pippin as you register for this year's conference.



Registration is open from January 22, 2018 through June 1, 2018.  Please note:  due to meeting deadlines for Roanoke College, last-minute changes to registrations will not be accepted after June 1, 2018. If you are interested in registering as a group with a reduced rate, see the guidelines below under group registration.  

How to Register:  You will be using the Wild Apricot Events Registration process.  This year the pre-conference immersion registration has been separated out from the main conference registration, meals and lodging.  When you are ready to register for the conference or an immersion click on the Click to Register and Pay  button located on the main conference page.  This option will take you to a page in which you will see two different registration links.  The first link will let you register for the conference, meals and lodging.  The second link will let you register for pre-conference immersions.  

After choosing the link you want, you will be connected to the event registration web page.  Scroll down and click on the blue "register" button. The first page of the registration will require an email address.  

The next registration page contains the registration option that you will need to choose.  Important Note: The functionality of the registration page only allows you to choose one (1) registration option at a time.  If you want to attend one of the pre-conference immersions, if you would like to register a spouse, child, college student, or if you want to register a child for the teen conference you will need to complete additional registration(s).  This means that there will be separate PayPal transactions for pre-conference immersion sessions and additional registrations.  However, in your first registration you can indicate all the meals and lodging that you will need for any additional registrations.  

After selecting your registration option, you will then fill out the registration form and select additional event options, if any (e.g. meal tickets, lodging, transportation, etc). Once you have selected the items for purchase, click "next" and you will see a summary page to review.  Be sure to scroll down and review the entire summary page before clicking "pay online."  You can click on "back" to make any changes or "cancel" to start over.  You will only be able to pay for the conference and additional items using PayPal.  

IMPORTANT THIS YEAR:  Be sure to print out your registration summary page and bring it with you to the conference for verification of registration.  

If you would like to print out the directions for how to register, click here for a PDF document.  If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please email:  administrator@charlottemasoninstitute.com. 

Other questions related to the conference please email Laurie Vigorito, Conference Director at conference_director@charlottemasoninstitute.com.

 Group Registration 

We are returning this year to a group registration option. In the past we have tried to promote relationships and working together by encouraging groups of three or more people to register together and get a savings.  There are three requirements to fulfill to obtain a group registration at this year's conference.  First, your group must consist of a minimum of three people who are working together or who are seeking to work together in the future. Second, the members of your group must be from the same local community.  Finally, your group must have a name.  You cannot use a name like AmblesideOnline which is not a local group.  It must be the name of a local group (for example: Grains of Gold CM Community of Roanoke, VA).  If these three requirements apply to you and your friends, then send an email to administrator@charlottemasoninstitute.com with the name of your community group in the subject line and at least three or more of the names of members in your group who will be attending the conference.  You will receive a return email with the information you need to register as a group.

 Fees and Deadlines 

Early Bird Registration ends April 1, 2018. The system will automatically transition to Regular Registration on April 2, 2018 through June 1, 2018.  

All registrations require payment at the time of selection, but meal tickets, lodging, or transportation costs can be added and paid for at a later date.  Please note that the pre-conference Immersion Workshops and Teen Conference have limited space and only a paid registration guarantees a space.  

If you choose not to pay all of your costs at once, we ask that you pay registration fee first, followed by meal tickets, and lastly your lodging and linens.  All costs must be paid by April 1, 2018.  We are starting registration in January this year to give everyone more time to pay your costs.

Pre-Conference Immersion Registration Fee:  $85.95

Early Bird Conference Registration Fees:

Early Bird Registration - CM Community Group $159.95
Early Bird Registration - Individual Adult $169.95
​Early Bird Registration - Spouse  $139.95 (click here for registration discount information for Dads.)
​Early Bird  Registration - Teen (13-18) Conference Registration Fee  ​$149.95
​Early Bird Registration - Child (between ages 13 and 18, not attending teen conference) 

*Children under 13 and nursing babies attend at no cost

Regular Conference Registration Fees:

Regular Registration, - Individual  ​$189.95
Regular Registration - Spouse $159.95
​Regular Registration - Teen (13-18) Conference Registration Fee ​$169.95
Regular Registration - Child (between ages 13 and 18, not attending teen conference) Registration  $149.95
*Children under 13 and nursing babies attend at no cost

​College Student Registration - $129.95 (Must submit a letter of enrollment from the college or university for summer or fall enrollment in 2018.) 

Airport Transportation Fees - cost of transportation to and from the Roanoke airport, Roanoke train station, and Roanoke bus station is $20.00 each way. 

 Teen Conference 

Preparing Teens for Life

(The Teen Conference is SOLD OUT)

We are delighted to continue the CMI Teen Conference, now in its fourth year.  The Teen Conference is for ages 13 to 17 as well as 18 year olds who are still going to be in high school for the 2017-18 academic year.  If a teen is 18 years old but has graduated from high school, they are encouraged to attend the General Conference.  Students will participate in a number of activities that will continue to build on the foundations of spiritual, moral and academic training of a CM education, forming/understanding Knowledge of God, Knowledge of Man, and Knowledge of the Universe.

Click for more information about the Teen Conference

 Conference Registration Discount - deadline February 15, 2018 - Now Closed  

The deadline for the registration discount is now closed.   We are no longer accepting applications for the discount.

CMI is offering five discounts of 75% off the early bird individual registration fee of $169.95 for those in need.  Additionally, CMI is also offering five discounts of 75% off the early bird spouse registration fee of $139.95 for those in need.  If you or your spouse are interested in a discount, you must submit an application no later than February 15, 2018.  CMI will review only those completed applications for a discount received electronically by February 15, and will notify applicants by March 15, 2018 (remember that early bird registration closes on April 1, 2018). If you choose to register prior to learning whether or not you have a discount, CMI will refund 75% of the registration fee (less the non-refundable PayPal fees).  For more information, please review the  Registration Discount Application page.  Note:  this discount is only for registration cost and does not apply to lodging, meals, linens or transportation. 


Please notify us via email at conference_director@charlottemasoninstitute.com of your cancellation.  Cancellation fees are as follows:  1) cancellation fee for early bird registration (before April 1, 2018) is 15 per cent of the total cost  which includes registrations, meal tickets, dorms, apartments, linens, immersions and airport, train, bus transportation and 2) cancellation fee for regular registration between April 2, 2018 and May 15, 2018 is 20 per cent of total costs which includes registrations, meal tickets, dorms, apartments, linens, immersions and airport, train, bus transportation.   

There is no cancellation refund after May 15, 2018 except for emergencies.  We can not refund meal plan prices after May 15th, 2018 due to the fact that the catering service needs the final count by then.

Note:  The cancellation fee will be applied to all registrations, meal tickets, dorms, apartments, linens, immersions and airport, train, and bus transportation.

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