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 Chat Sessions 

(see tentative schedule for day/time)

Domino Players-1943

Jack Beckman

Q&A with Jack Beckman 

During this time Jack Beckman will engage with anyone who wishes to ask him questions regarding his first plenary. 

Dog Fight Over The Trenches-1935

Bonnie Buckingham

Favourite Book of 2016-2017 for early ages up through high school 

Favourite Book of 2016-2017 on Poetry 

For each chat bring at least one of your favorite books to share with others. This is a great opportunity to learn about more living books.

Bonnie Buckingham

Favourite Book of 2016-2017 for early ages up through high school 

Christ Crowned With Thorns-1938

Storm Hutchinson

Q&A with Storm Hutchinson

During this time Storm Hutchinson will engage with anyone who wishes to ask him questions regarding his first plenary:  

Christmas Morning Breakfast

(date unknown)

Nancy Kelly

Cloud of Witness - Join Nancy Kelly as she shares fascinating information about The Cloud of Witness, Charlotte Mason’s gift to the graduates of The House of Education. Learn how it helps you to  follow the Christian seasons whether you come from a liturgical or non-liturgical background. If you have been using it, come and share your experience! 

Peace in the Home – meet with Nancy as we continue with the ideas and thoughts introduced in the workshop. Come and share your experiences, ask questions, and discuss issues as we explore further this concept of shalom in the home.

Asleep - 1943

Parke Stalcup and Stephanie Kling

Five Day Schools

Have you ever thought about opening a school?  In this chat Parke and Stephanie will engage your questions on how Crestwood Day School started.  They can share with you the joys, the heartaches and everything else that is involved in running a school. 

Cabin In The Cotton-III-1944

Brittney McGann

Sloyd - The topic of Handwork is covered in my session entitled "Our Work."  In this chat we will discuss specifically Sloyd and the value it plays in a Mason education.

Abe Lincoln The Good Samaritan-1943

Andy Smith

A Hundred Pennies and A Tray:  Understanding 10s, decimals and percentages 

Home and school educators can get much mileage from this simple, easy and inexpensive mathematical manipulative for elementary and middle school students.  It uses pennies in ten frames on a tray to demonstrate various mathematical concepts, and it supplements any mathematical program already in use.  You can use the one hundred pennies and a tray to teach addition and subtraction to one hundred, and to teach decimals, percentages and more. 


Andrea St. Amour

Reflecting on the Gospels with Charlotte Mason's Saviour of the World

Let the child grow, so that, "New thoughts of God, new hopes of heaven," are a joy to him, too; things to be counted first amongst the blessings of a day.   Vol 1, page 349.

First among the blessings of my day is the reading of the New Testament in sequence with Charlotte Mason's  Saviour of the World.   Here we have Chalotte's own narration of the bible written in verse.  Join me to discuss the method of reading Saviour of the World in parallel with the Gospels, the example of reflection that Charlotte Mason sets for us in Saviour of the World, and the experience of walking alongside your students with Charlotte Mason as we are all students of the Divine.

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